IronCloud • DVI

Dual Verification of Identity

IronCloud-dvi (dvi in Sanskrit means 2nd) provides a simple and easy to use MFA solution for Windows devices that can be deployed by even non-technical users within minutes. It is a non-intrusive solution that runs off a public cloud network making it accessible for on-premise and remote users.

Plug & Play

DVI is simple solution that can work alongside existing IT infrastructure and can be installed remotely

Non Intrusive

DVI runs off a public cloud network making it accessible for on-premise and remote users

Admin UI

React quickly to end-user problems with a simple UI to control users for whom the MFA is to be enabled


Admins also get a view of the adoption of the MFA solution to help meet compliance requirements.

Login Security just got enhanced with DVI

The threat from poor login security is putting all organisations at risk of a breach and inherently being non-compliant. Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the simplest steps that can be taken to protect end-users network access & DVI provides an elegant solution for the same.

IronCloud-DVI tries to enforce the discipline of having to use named-users for accessing in a shared manner – i.e., multiple users having access to the same Server / Laptop / Desktop.

How Does it work ?

A Simple & Proven process

Generate T-OTP

The MFA is achieved by a generic widely adopted T-OTP – (Time based One Time Password). A unique QR code is generated for each user on the self-service portal.

Scan QR Code

The QR code can be scanned / read by standard Mobile Apps like Google Authenticator for OTP generation.

Install App & Login

The user must install a simple application that is downloaded from the portal. Once the user logs in using standard username / password, the OTP screen is shown where the user has to enter the OTP displayed by the OTP generator mobile app.