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IronCloud is a security platform that combines the power of simplicity and a robust integrated ecosystem of modules to deliver highly efficient IT security operations. IronCloud is focussed on SMBs across industries who lack IT Security posture and hence fall short on compliance aspects. A bouquet of pluggable modules allows SMBs to deploy IronCloud on the cloud or on-prem and integrate seamlessly into their existing investments on Infrastructure and IT Security. 

On the Operations front, IronCloud provides the Ops personnel a simple workflow system that allows them to cater to the day-to-day nitty-gritty while all the heavy lifting is happening in the background driven by process automation. A strong RBAC system (right upto the infrastructure access) gives the necessary governance and control and makes sure that the support staff get to perform only those activities that they are authorised to.

IronCloud-DVi is a product from iAXIS, a Technology Consulting Services provider based in Bangalore.

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iAXIS caters to SME and large organisations in India, US and Singapore and offers Technology consulting, Implementation and 24/7 Managed Services with focused offerings on Security Services and Continuous Compliance.