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IronCloud as a Security Posture and Event Lifecyle Management platform builds a trust at each step of Threat Lifecycle Management in a single UI showcasing Security or Compliance Readiness Report, Custom Rule Engine, end to end Workflow through a single pane of glass. IronCloud focusses on business specific advisory, implementations and managed security services to report and achieve governance, compliance and security readiness

A bouquet of pluggable modules allows Organisations to deploy IronCloud on the cloud or On-Prem and integrate seamlessly with their existing IT Ecosystem.

Governance and Compliance

Fall in line or Fall out

Integrated Operations Platform

Efficiency is the Mother of Automation

Central Logging and Log Analysis

Data is Power


Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease

Why IronCloud ?

An efficient way to manage your Security Posture and Event Lifecycle Management on a single platform
  • Seamless Integration with existing Infrastructures
  • Application Security - VAPT and SAST Scans
  • Log Ingestion, Analysis, Event Correlations and Retention
  • Continuous Compliance (PCI-DSS, ISO, SOC, HIPPA, GDPR..)            Monitoring and Reporting
  • Business focused Security Readiness Report
  • Proactive Threat Hunting and Remediation
  • Threat Detection and Intelligence
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • 8x5 & 24X7 L1, L2, L3 SoC Support Services
  • Scalable Pricing based on # of Devices

Compliances Supported


IronCloud Features

Central Identity Management

IronCloud offers an out-of-the-box central directory services module with minimal config & a simple web UI

Augmented Identity

IronCloud offers non-intrusive MFA solution that is tied in to user’s contact phone number

Strong RBAC system

IronCloud has an in-built Role Based Access Control System to define fine-grained policies for use authorisation

Asset and Patch Management

IronCloud has an integrated Asset & Patch Management system that can provide Day 0 discovery & compliance

Operations Platform

IronCloud provides a simple workflow system for incident and threat response that is automated to a great degree

Vulnerability Tests

IronCloud performs periodic and on-demand VA tests in order to fish out any loopholes in the earliest possible time

Process Automation

IronCloud incorporates a lot of process automation that helps to bring about efficiency & predictability in the system

Central Logging & Analytics

IronCloud provides central logging system that can aggregate data from various sources and perform analytics

Heterogenous Data processing

IronCloud has been designed to pull / receive data from most of the popular end-point devices & software systems

Document Repository

IronCloud provides a central document repository that can be used both for its own & for other business operations

Governance and Compliance

IronCloud has predefined templates for most of the popular compliance standards : ISO27001, GDPR, HIPAA etc.

Advanced Reports

IronCloud combines the power of textual & graphic content to provide an exhaustive set of reports